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Erykah Badu

..:::Erykah Badu:::..
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Awesome background image thanks to http://www.erykah-badu.com

About this community.
Welcome to
e_badu, the first LiveJournal community dedicated to the singer, Erykah Badu! This is a community for everybody and anybody who loves Ms. Badu and her music. And honestly, how can you not?

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The Rules
There are a few simple rules:
1. Keep it positive. You can disagree with someone's opinion, but by NO means can you be disrespectful to ANYONE on this community. If you do, I will ban you.
2. Keep it clean.
3. You have to love Erykah Badu. We won't have any haters up in here.
4. Stay on topic. We can talk about other artists she collaborates with, but let's try to keep it to Erykah Badu. Anyways, I have a whole other community dedicated to neo_soul.
5. Help keep this community alive! Please!!!
6. Please stay active.
8. You can advertise in this community, but under this condition. If you want to advertise/promote another community or whatever, put the advertisement and anything relating to the advertisement under an LJ Cut, describing what the advertisement is about, so people that don't want to see it don't have to. After about a week, I will delete the advertisement. Please do not post too many.

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About the moderator of this community.
Hi, my name is Nathaniel, and i guess people who make communities are called "mods." Whatever. I currently live in New York, but was born in Texas and I am 14 years old, but I have a great taste in music, unlike many other kids my age. I just love music and my favorite genre is Neo Soul, of course. Eryakh Badu is my all time favorite. So I started this community. My live journal name is inspiredbypom.


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